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“Brent uses indigenous instruments from Peru and all over the world as his tools for healing as well giving and receiving information from Spirit. His skill and mastery of these Sacred Instruments is a huge component to the depth and ease of every session. In my first couple sessions I felt a clearing both energetic and physical. I felt as if each sound had a different cleansing and repairing effect on my energy and deep in my organs and cells.

As Brent and I have continued,  a deeper sense of alignment has become more present. Alignment with Spirit for sure, but also a deep aligning with my Higher Prayers, Spirit Guides and Ancestors. I am open for a lot of information during my sessions now and that has been incredibly useful and FUN!

I consider Brent’s Sound Healings to be an essential part of my self  care now, just as I would exercise or eating well. I know there aren’t many people offering such a grounded mode of healing and I am very grateful to be able to work with him.” 

- Erika Wright

“I love sound healing sessions with Brent. It is always a relaxing, comforting experience. The sessions allow me to rest or to be invigorated; whatever I need is what seems to happen. Either way, it opens me to the healing vibrations of the super-cool instruments he uses so well. After sessions, I feel at peace and in harmony with life. What’s not to love about all that?!! Nothing. It is everything good, great, healing and fun. Thanks, Brent!!” 


- J.M.

“I just had my second private sound healing with Brent and it was AMAZING!!! I have been to many of his group sessions too. But today, I was having a hard time, so I was glad when he came over. I don’t know how he does it, but he can melt away all my tension and completely rejuvenate me. My son was sick, and decided to join in. About 10 minutes after the healing was over, my son was jumping around and went out skateboarding. I started feeling this surge of energy and was able to finish a ton of work I’d been putting off. The rest of my night was smooth and enjoyable. Now that’s my kind of healing! If you have never had a sound healing, definitely try Brent and don’t miss out on his incredible instruments and talent!!! Thank you Brent!” 


- Christina Ardemis

“The Sound Healing group was an experience unlike any that I have ever had. I had an incredibly rich and visual experience filled with a vast amount of helpful information. The sounds have really stuck with me and I continue to relate back them and receive more information. I connected with the memories of several spirit guides or teachers and I felt very comforted and relieved to see them again. I experienced being in a male form as well as a female form and I could feel the chemical differences between feminine and masculinity; my thoughts were actually different. I suddenly understood and experienced how men and women think differently. I came to understand that this was not my only lifetime, and this was not my only body; that there had been many before this one and if I do not grow outside of myself, there will be many after this one. I had this great awakening to fact that I was letting displeasing circumstances tie me to this shallow life and overlook the vastness that the universe really has to offer.”


- Amanda Knott

"It is a phenomenal experience being enveloped in the sounds of these sacred instruments. The spatial sensations of feeling and hearing the sounds coming from different directions and distances, in 360 degrees on all planes (left, right, front, rear, up, down) is unlike anything else I've heard. And it is very relaxing experience. Brent clearly has a strong intuitive understanding of the instruments, as he picks up one and puts down another, maintaining a flow of energy that feels seamless and fluid. Altogether, this was a warm and soothing session that I most enjoyed."


- Ferrara Pan

Receiving Sound Healing from Brent is deeply relaxing and healing for me.  I experience a meditative state where I have periods of no thoughts and am able to sink in to the auditory experience of being alive.

I feel incredibly present within the symphony of sounds occurring both from the sacred instruments and in the surrounding environment.  I am always amazed at the perfection of all the sounds present whether birds calling out, cars driving by, or the elements such as rain and wind that compliment the sacred sounds as if to say, "We are all here, we are all one." 

It usually takes me several days to fully integrate the Sound Healing, and I am very grounded and peaceful during that period of time.  I deeply appreciate the Brent's way of bringing profound healing with the instruments.  His commitment to the healing process is remarkable, as is his love and care for the unique sounds and properties of each sacred instrument. 


- Abby Kojola

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